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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I register?

You can register in person or online through our website. Space is limited and registration opens to the general public at the beginning of May. We do not hold a spot in class without payment and registration is on a first come first serve basis. There is a Membership fee, you can either pay the lump sum for the session or pay in 10 equal payments (Sept. – June) using our VOID cheque system or credit card for automatic monthly withdraws. Feel free to call the school at 905-385-5087, to find out what your fees will be in advance. Note: If you pay the lump sum, we will waive your registration fee.

Can my child try a class before we sign up?

Yes, your child is eligible to try a class dependant upon availability.

What sets pure energy apart from other dance studios?

Warm fun family friendly atmosphere… We offer viewing windows for you to view your child’s progress… We play an active role in the community…

Qualified adult instructors… State of the art 6000 Sq. Ft. facility… WIFI access for your convenience… Very organized business… Communication.

We offer viewing windows as well as CCTV in all studios for your viewing onour TV monitors.

Do you have a dress code?

Yes we do!

Details can be found on our Dress Code Page.

How many classes should my child take each week?

This is completely based on individual interest and how much you feel you and your child can do. We have students who take just one class per week the full time students who dance every day. You know your child bes and if you think they have the interest, time and energy to take more than one class per week, then we would be happy to discuss the best combination of programs with you For example, taking a ballet class and a Jazz class or tap class, is a very common scenario starting at 4. There are also those students who take the same style of dance twice a week to increase their proficiency in that discipline. We can very easily help you select individualized programming for your child based on their age, strengths and interests.

Can I watch my child's dance class?

Yes, every one of them if you like, from the comfort of our viewing windows or out TV’s! We were the first dance school and still one of the only in the city to offer the viewing options for parents. We also call parents in at the end of each class to receive all of the information required for upcoming events. The classes are not oriented towards the windows so the students do not get distracted and they enjoy having an audience. Many parents love being able to see how their child is progressing and expressing themselves through dance. It is also an excellent opportunity to meet other parents in the school and become a part of our dance community.

What are the payment options?

#1 – You can choose to pay the lump sum amount using VISA, MC, DEBIT or Cash (You receive a 5% discount on lessons with this method)

#2 – You can choose to pay equal monthly installments through our PAP system through a VOID cheque, Master Card or VISA, Automatic withdraw from your account

What if my child does not want to continue classes after they start?

Your child is free to try another class, if your child is still not happy, we would give you a refund of the unused lesson amount or stop your automatic payment.We have a one month notice policy for canceling classse. This means that any fees after your notice period(except registration fee and costume payment), will be refunded. So you only pay for the classes up until you give notice plus the one month. Your child may continue to take classes during the notice period if you like.

Does Pure Energy offer a showcase or recital for my child?

We offer a Christmas Showcase in December as well as a Year-End Showcase in June.

We aim to keep the costs as reasonable as possible while still providing an appropriate and effective costume.

Does Pure Energy record the showcases?

Yes, A professional high quality video of your child’s performance is available at a very reasonable cost.

How are students selected for the competitive team?

Most of the students in the school dance recreationally (Dance Starz) in one or more of the dance disciplines offered. Our instructors ensure that each student receives the challenge they require within each class and are free to make class placement changes at any time in a students training, from as young as 5 to their teenage years, they may be invited by the director to participate in our competitive program in ballet, jazz, lyrical, tap, acro, musical theatre, hip hop, contemporary. The director and the teachers select those students, who have demonstrated exceptional proficiency, talent, work ethic and attendance in their classes.

The Competitive Program prepares students to perform and compete in Hamilton and the surrounding area. It is a much more intensive training program with prerequisites for each specific dance discipline. For example, competitive jazz students must have a solid ballet background and continue to study ballet as long as they are in the program. The more advanced levels of jazz require strong ballet technique, so if this is the interest to your child, you should make sure they are taking ballet classes. Competitive Musical theatre requires dance training such as jazz or ballet. Comp tap also requires proficiency in another dance style such as ballet or jazz to execute the more challenging elements. Comp hip hop dancers benefit from other dance training as well, especially as they advance. We have a very high standard of excellence in our competitive classes and expect a high standard of commitment and dedication from the students. Attendance is mandatory at all classes and performances. Many of our competitive students go on to perform or teach professionally.