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Competitive Dance Team

Want To Join Our Dance Team?

Competitive dance is a team building program done Pure Energy style. Our goal is to promote dance as a unique, fun loving team experience that will last all dancers a lifetime! Is it hard? Is it dedication? Is it commitment? The answer is yes! For our team to be successful everyone must be on the same page. Like all results, to find satisfaction you must climb the mountain.

Being a part of the competitive team is a great overall experience for the dancers. They are challenged to work to their potential in a fun and encouraging atmosphere. It also teaches teamwork and sportsmanship while building confidence and increasing self esteem. Dancers are chosen strictly for their ability, technique and showmanship.

Team Commitment and Expectations

  • Parents please consider the following before agreeing to this year Competitive Team.
  • We require 100% commitment from both dancers and their parents
  • The Competitive team will attend 4-5 Competitions as well as our Competitive Showcase and Year-End show.
  • Attendance is mandatory for competitions, shows, extra rehearsals and regular classes
  • Extra rehearsals will take place on weekends
  • It is the parent responsibility to take their child to all competitions, or make other arrangements if necessary

Extra Costs

It is important that parents understand that there are additional costs when joining the Competitive Team.

  • Costumes $150-$450 per costume
  • Competitive Entry Fees for group dances (approx. $70 each competition each dance)
  • Pure Energy Competitive team jacket (to be worn at competitions)
  • Dance shoes, tights, make up ect.
  • Competitive Jewelry choker Approx. $30 – Earrings Approx. $20
  • Extra choreography (solos, small groups ect. These are optional, more information will be given at the beginning of the dance season)
  • Hotels and travelling expenses for the away competitions

Mini Team

The Mini Team Competitive Program is geared towards those dancers between 4-6 Years old who want to focus on building their technique and their performance skills. This program is a Stepping Stone for those dancers who would like to be more focused and committed to their dance training program. This program offers those dancers the technical training and confidence required for competition performances. It also gives dancers who are interested a more enhanced, well grounded path to achieve the skills required for not only competition performances, but also for those dancers who would like to work towards the Elite or Specialized Team Competitive program.

All students in this program will have the exciting opportunity to compete in all of our dance competitions in the spring as well as perform at our Intensive Team show and our Year End show.

Specialized Team

The Specialized Team Competitive Program is geared towards those dancers 7 years & up that cannot commit to the larger schedule of the Elite Team but still want to compete in their selected genre. This program will allow you to focus on building your technique in the genre you are chosen for.

Specialized Team students are required to enrol in Tech. as well as a choreography class to be in the competitive program.

All students in this program will have the exciting opportunity to compete in all of our dance competitions in the spring as well as perform at our Intensive Team show and our Year-End show.

Dance Team

This Elite Team Competitive Program is geared towards those dancers that want to take their training and commitment to the next level.

Our goal is to provide the best possible training and to be able to offer every opportunity possible to our dancers that show great potential, ability and passion for their dance. This program is very beneficial for all dancers involved within all aspirations of dance, whether they are planning to make dance a career choice or just simple wanting to take their talents to the highest level possible during their academic years.

Within the Elite Competitive program students are required to train in core classes consisting of:

  • At least three core genres (Choreography classes) per week
  • 2 Ballet classes per week (Determined by level placement)
  • 1 Stretch Class per week

Additionally available to our Company dancers that want to train as much as possible, we offer the opportunity for a single flat rate to add unlimited classes to the core class requirements. These unlimited additional classes are offered to Company dancers in the disciplines of: Jazz, Tap, Theatre, Ballet, Lyrical, Hip Hop or Contemporary.

Aspiring students are required to audition for this Company program and will be required to compete in at least 4 Competitions within at least three core genres in the spring as well as the Comp Team show and Year End show held in June. Some travel is required within this program.

*We will also be offering to our Company dancers the exciting opportunity to go on a optional destination dance trip with details to be determined once the dance season has started.

Dance for many is a passion and it is our goal to be able to offer a program that allows those students to maximize their talents and enthusiasm within the art of dance. We feel this program will offer those dancers that want to grow and explore their ability, talents and passion the opportunity to be filled with a sense of hard work, determination, team spirit and above all accomplishment within their aspiration for dance.

Adult Team

The Adult Team Competitive Program is geared towards those dancers 18 years & up who want to still enjoy the fun of being a part of a competitive dance team.

Audition process

Pure Energy is hosting it’s 2024-25 Dance Company Auditions! We encourage, and recommend any dancer who is looking for a new experience, a team atmosphere and a push in dance to come out to this event!  We will begin the class with a warm up, combo and progressions down the room.

Will everyone make it?  No, depending on their confidence level, some dancers are not ready for competing, this just gives them a goal to focus on for the following year. In this case we pay close attention to this dancer throughout the next season to see their growth and development.


All Comp Team Dancers must participate in our Summer Classes and Comp Team Camp in August!


Are you interested in joining our team?


SUNDAY JUNE 9th. 2024

5-9Yrs. is at 10:00am

10+Yrs. is at 11:30pm

If you want to Audition for our Team, Sign up below…



Wear dance clothes as you will also do a warm-up and run through some combos.

Contact us if you are interested in joining us for 2024-25 season!